Sunday, February 25, 2024


  1. The interpersonal safety distance between guests of different rooms, even if relatives / friends or belonging to the same group, and between guests and workers must be at least 1.8 meters;
  2. Those who wear the protective mask that covers the nose and mouth are allowed to enter the exercises. In addition, it is mandatory to sanitize the hands immediately after each entry from the outside if protective gloves have not been used;
  3. In the common spaces indoors, in the presence of subjects housed in different rooms, the protective mask must be worn; please also do not stay in the common areas which currently must only be used as passageways to be able to enter and leave your rooms.
  4. In open spaces it is mandatory to wear protective masks in the presence of people housed in different rooms if the maintenance of interpersonal distance is not guaranteed;
  5. It is allowed to use the kitchen in turn, for guests of only one room at a time and for a maximum of 45 minutes, giving everyone the opportunity to use the service. As soon as your shift is over, please wash the dishes and dishes used and sanitize the table on which you ate. The consumption of meals in the room is allowed at this stage